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 Hello and welcome to my website. I'm a musician 
from Toronto where I was born (1952) and 
where I have lived virtually my entire life. I play reeds
 (primarily clarinet and alto sax), piano and guitar but I 
think of myself as a composer, i.e. one who puts together 
music. Consequently, over the almost twenty years of my 
performing life I've always ended up leading my own groups, 
playing my own stuff, "leading" meaning that I've provided
 the material, obtained the gigs, put out the recordings, etc.
 I'd like to think that's all I mean by leading as the musical
 environments I bring about are democratic in the extreme
 and I encourage the players to do whatever they
 most like, to their utmost.

The site is designed to introduce my groups:

The Bill Grove Quartet

Bill Grove - clarinet, alto sax
Geordie Haley - guitar
Rob Clutton - contrabass
Nick Fraser - drums

3 New Songs from The BGQ

" Little Beat "

" Special Position "

" Cat Rack "

The Human Remains

Bill Grove - reeds, vibraphone
Parmela Attariwala - violin, viola
Andrew Staniland - guitar
Scott Good - trombones
Ambrose Pottie - drums, vibraphone

          I'll also provide some history in the future of past groups,

  1. Whitenoise (1981- 1988)

  2. CRY TO ME (Quicktime Video)

  3. Not King Fudge (1986-1990)

  4. Noise R Us (1990-1996).

I'll try to include as many reviews (or links thereto in
 other sites) as much as possible, plus provide a
 list of CDs available only through mail order. This
 list reflects my obsession with taping almost every
 performance over the years, at first with a
 crappy portable cassette machine (ah, poverty !)
 then a decent cassette machine, and since 1989,
 a D.A.T. machine.  I now have obtained a CD recorder 
and I'm in the process of sifting through everything
 and putting most of it on CD.

    Anyway, the site will usually be in transition
 and we'd be pleased to have you drop in again soon
 to note our progress.

Please email any comments to:


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In RealAudio and MP3,
The Human Remains,
 two recordings of the Grove Group,
and now...

The Bill Grove Quartet

Buy Cd's

The Grove Group's "Maraschino Harmonicas"
 and Noise R Us's "oops" along with many other 
recent and past live performance cd's are available here.


Here you will find the biographies of Bill Grove,
 The Grove Group, Noise R Us, Bill Grove Trio,
 Not King Fudge, Whitenoise, Grove/Fenton/Congram 
and other related bands.


Soon you will find the discographies of Bill Grove,
 The Grove Group, Noise R Us, Bill Grove Trio,
 Not King Fudge, Whitenoise, Grove/Fenton/ Congram,
 and other recordings and performances available
 Bill has participated in. For specific information,
 click on the project that interests you.


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Photographs of Bill and other artists
 as well as live performance pictures 
captured of Grove bands over the last decade.


Video shot in Toronto clubs of various
 Grove bands in live performance in Toronto venues.


Links to other interesting sites.


A non-concise chronology of performances
 & recordings from over the years.

Press Archives

Various press clippings of 
Grove Groups over the last decade.


If you are interested in notation of any Grove pieces,
 please e-mail Bill Grove with your request.


Communicate with Bill Grove and bands here.

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